December 5, 2007

My vision has been improving on and off, i.e., sometimes I would still notice the blind spot at the middle sometimes there’s none. However, I’ve noticed that my vision wasn’t the same as it used to be. My visual acuity at my left eye was as usual 20 but I feel that my right eye is now far sighted. I see things an eight smaller than how I see them in my left eye. I will try to visit my ophthalmologist sometime and confirm that my condition is improving and how he can restore my vision to 20/20.


On and off

November 18, 2007

I’ve been scanning journal articles on CSR and I’m seeing a light of hope. There are articles pointing that this might be a temporary one. While I haven’t found something new but I found that there are indeed patients who had treatment but had recurrence for about the next 10 or so years.

My ophthalmologist’s prognosis on my CSR is good and I hope that while my last consultation and flourescein angiography showed that my condition worsened, i.e., the leaking got worst, I look forward to having a full recovery in a few weeks time. I’ve been experiencing on and off improvement in my vision but it seems like that I only have a dedicated spot on my right eye where I can see clearly while the peripheral areas are blurred–an opposite of my initial complaint. I mean the blind spot disappeared a bit but instead of a blind spot, there’s a “clear spot”–I can only see clearly in one spot and around that spot seems to be blurred. But again, this is an on and off situation, sometimes the blind spot will come back and sometimes it’s gone.

Another wait and see situation.

Trying to be stress-free

November 14, 2007

Here in Melbourne for a conference. This obviously comes at a not so convenient time, i.e., when I’m just recently diagnosed with CSR. The blind spot became scattered now, so it seems like having a tint of about 80% over my right eye. Still having a hard time reading. My left eye is a bit strained now as I try to cope up with reading and trying to see more clearly especially in low lit areas. But I’m positive that I’m going to the path of recovery. I’m still continuing with my vitamins and trying to bombard my body with Vitamin A filled food. And yes, trying to be stress-free, away from home while attending a conference.

First diagnosis

November 9, 2007

October 16. I think it was just that accidental gaze at the reflection of the sun from another car then the after image on my right eye. It was gone after five minutes. It’s common for me to have scenes like this, i.e., short exposure to the sun’s reflection. However, the following day the after image returned. I thought it will go away but after two days it was still there.

Almost a week after still experiencing the after image, I decided to consult the Uni’s general physician, I consulted the GP as I will not be entertained by any specialist without any referral from the GP more so claim any expenses. The GP wasn’t able to diagnose any abnormality on my eye so she decided to refer me to an ophthalmologist further investigation.

To give you an idea of my CSR, this is a photo of my daughters looking at my left eye or how anybody with a normal vision would look at this.

This is how I can see with my left eye

Below, is the picture of how I can see with my right eye.

Vision of the same picture with my right eye

Now try combining the two image and it’s as if you are wearing a reading glass with different grade.

Anyway, at the Lion’s Eye Institute, a junior ophthalmologist prepared me for examination. My vision on my right eye was bad that I couldn’t read what I used to be able to read, i. e., printed word even as small as point 6. When the senior ophthalmologist further examined my eye, he suspected a leak on my right eye and told me that I have central serous retinopathy or central serous chorioretinopathy.

He told me that the there’s nothing much they know about the disease. What they know is most cases point to stress as the possible cause. It is common to men and there’s no known treatment and he downplayed it as something that comes naturally and will just heal by itself. He said that he just wanted to confirm that there’s nothing serious causing the leak that he recommended that I undergo flourescein angiography.

31 October, the ophthalmologist had a look again at my eye and said that the leak worsened. The blind spot disappeared, actually, but it was as if replaced by thin sheet membrane. I still have a hard time reading without having a headache and even recognizing people is sometimes a challenge as I couldn’t see their faces well.

I have undergone flourescein angiography and thank God, there’s nothing serious. The leak was located above macula. The sad thing about the check-up was that the ophthalmologist wasn’t able to advise what I should do to alleviate the situation. Later that day, I googled about CSR and found a support group, I’m a bit frustrated though to find out that some people had it for about 20 years while others counted months before their vision got to normal.

The founder of the Yahoo group on CSR has one wish for new members–that they wont be members for long and they will recover. I hope I’m one of them.